BSc (Hons) Computer Systems & Networking

Networks are a vital part of systems infrastructure, and fundamental to businesses, society, and industry. Specialize in networking as part of this Computer Science degree

This Computer Science degree awarded by University of Greenwich, UK in partnership with PIBT specializing in networking provides a firm grasp of the science underpinning computer and software systems. The modules you can study as part of this degree include Advanced Networks. Computer and Communication Systems and Enterprise Server Management.

You will gain practical experience of developing systems using the latest technologies and techniques, as well as exposure to the latest trends that will shape the future of computer science. By the end of the course, you will be equipped to work independently and to develop and adapt your skills throughout your future career.


Core Modules:

Network Design and Implementation (15 credits)

Network Technology (15 credits)

Enterprise Server Management and Security (15 credits)

Introduction to Smart Systems (15 credits)

Network Security (15 credits)

Service Oriented Web Applications (15 credits)

Final Project (30 credits)


1 Year (Part Time – Weekends)


HND in Computing, Advance Diploma, ACHNP or equivalent qualification