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Web Development

 This course aims to provide beginners with the fundamental conceptual and practical skills needed to master the creation of Web Development ( Creating dynamic websites)

 The course contents are as follows:

  • Web Technologies

            Understanding E-Commerce, HTML and Building up web sites

  • CSS 3

        Using style and effects to web sites,

        HTML 5- using HTML 5 to Build High end web applications.

  • JQuery

           Professional Animations, Creating Sliders for Web Banners

           Xampp Server- PHP concepts, codes with exercises

           Variables, Loops, Array’s, HTML Forms, Data Fetching, Database handling

           Applying Validations & Verifications for Programs with Java Scripting

  • Advanced PHP

            Application Programs with Database interactions.

  • Creating Real Environment based LOGIN Systems Using PHP

           Advanced Database handling using MYSQL Database

           With all routines ADD Routine, Search Routine, Search by ID, Delete Routine and Update.

          Creating a fully completed Inventory Control System combined with a secure Data Base.

  • Web Hosting using CPanel and FTP
  • SEO for web search optimization and better Search Results
  • Practical Project

            Creating an advanced Inventory Control System with Database Involvement and

            strong validations, Verifications & secure logins/data System to be created by students

            as the final    Project 

Course Fee: Rs. 20,000/=
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