Linux Network Administration
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The course involves 95% practical in a dedicated real lab environment. Modularized handouts given for all courses. . All participants would be assured to face the exam in a confident manner.

The course contents are as follows:


  • What is Linux?
  • What is a Linux Distribution?
  • GNU Project?
  • What is Free Software
  • What is Open Source Software
  • Free Software vs. Open Source Software
  • Popular Linux Distributions
  • What is UBUNTU
  • List of UBUNTU Distribution
  • Why choose UBUNTU Linux
  • Getting Help for UBUNTU
  • History of Linux Distributions

Installing Ubuntu and Physical computer management

  • Linux hardware and software structure
  • Installing Ubuntu
  • Dual boot, triple boot with same platform and different platforms
  • Other Linux distribution installation
  • Trouble shooting and recovering

Basics of Linux commands & File Structure

  • Things to Remember about Commands and the Command Line Interface
  • Man Pages
  • Directory Listing Commands
  • Directory Browsing Commands
  • Object Management Commands
  • Mounting Commands
  • Disk Usage Commands
  • System Information Commands
  • User Command History
  • User and Group Management Command
  • How to Manage the Access to Objects (Ext Permissions)

File Management

  • Ubuntu Software Repositories
  • Command Line Package Management Tools
  • Managing Ubuntu Software Repositories
  • Managing Software Packages in the System
  • Finding Out Information about Currently Installed and Available Packages
  • Installing / Updating New Packages
  • Upgrading Packages
  • Removing Packages
  • Searching packages
  • Automatic update enables and disable

Process Management

  • Identifying the process
  • Killing process and troubleshoot
  • Multi sessions

User & Group Management.

  • Creating, Deleting, Modifying users
  • Creating, Deleting, Modifying groups
  • Ownership changing
  • Permission changing

Network Management

  • IP Classifications
  • Network classes
  • Configuring Network Settings on Ubuntu in GUI way
  • Configuring Network Settings on Ubuntu in Command line way
  • How to Set a Static IP and Dynamic IP in Ubuntu
  • How to Change the Hostname in Ubuntu
  • Checking the Connectivity between Computers and Troubleshooting
  • Network related commands

 Web Server

  • Installing apache
  • Setting up a web server
  • Publishing a website

DHCP Server

  • Setting up a DHCP server
  • Setting up a DHCP client
  • Reserved IP allocations

Proxy Server

  • Setting up a Squid Proxy Server
  • Setting up a Proxy Clients
  • Filtering Web Access
  • Monitoring controlling Internet Usage

Samba Server

  • Setting up a Samba Server
  • Add Linux users to the samba database
  • Remove Linux users from samba database
  • Share the folder using samba
  • Configuring Samba Clients – Windows and Linux
  • Giving Writing Privileges, Access control to the Users
  • Access Shared Folders on Windows and Linux

Printer Server

  • Setting up a CUPS server
  • Adding a Local Printer for Sharing
  • Sharing a Printer on Linux and windows
  • Accessing a Shared Printer from windows and Linux

DNS server

  • DNS Basics
  • Setting up a local DNS
  • Access through DNS

FTP server

  • Setting up a Vsftpd server
  • Configuring FTP Clients
  • Providing access control
  • Sharing files among authenticated users
  • Sharing files among unauthenticated users

Remote session

  • Configuring SSH server
  • SSH client configuration
  • Linux to Linux remote login
  • Linux to Windows remote login
  • Linux to Linux remote login


  • Introduction to Pfsense
  • Pfsense Configurations
  • Firewall rules and policies
  • Control web access

Zentyal Management

  • Installing Zentyal
  • Creating Active directory
  • Zentyal configurations


  • Virtualization concept
  • Installing KVM
  • KVM configurations



Schedules  :  

                        Fast Track                      Duration  :  3  weeks (Mon to Thu  9.30am –  4.30pm)

                        Saturday Batch            Duration   :    Months (Saturdays  9.30am –  4.30pm)

                        Sunday Batch                Duration  :  Months (Sundays 9.30am – 4.30pm)

                        Evening Batch               Duration  :  3 Months (Mon & Wed  5.45pm – 8.15pm )


Course Fee: Rs. 19,000/=
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